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for those of you writing at home...

NaNoWriMo is around the corner. Stock up the pantry.

a joyous Tuesday moment

Happy Birthday callicrates!!!!

end of an age

The farewell issue of The Journal of Mythic Arts has been posted online. I'll miss the wonderfully researched articles, the poetry, and the fiction.

Olympic results write-up via NYTimes

Neater, imo, than the version. It will list information on medals handed out. The gymnastics summary is easier to understand than NBC's.

Olympics Nifty

DirecTV has a pop-up Olympic Schedule.

You must be tuned into an NBC Olympic channel. Hit the red button on the remote. It will offer you the current schedule by channel, the medal count, and today's trivia.

finding it so you don't have to

NBC's OMG insane Olympics Breakdown
The NBC network schedule is divided into three dayparts: afternoon, primetime and late night.

NBC (your main, local channel)
Times: 10am - 1pm (all time zones); 8:30 pm - 11:30pm (ET/PT); Midnight - 1:30am (ET/PT)
All 32 swimming finals; four nights of men's and women's gymnastics both team and individual; beach volleyball; and men's and women's marathons. Gymnastics and swimming are during the first week.

USA Network
Coverage begins Saturday, Aug. 9.
Times: 2am - 12pm (ET)
USA men's and women's basketball and soccer; tennis, volleyball, _or_ water polo during non basketball and soccer hours.

Times: 5am - 5pm (ET)
"MSNBC will provide live, weekday, long-form coverage of a full range of Olympic sports, including softball, soccer, beach volleyball, wrestling, basketball, volleyball and weightlifting. ... Wednesday, Aug. 6 and Thursday, Aug. 7, MSNBC also will provide coverage of the opening soccer matches."
(Read: hodge-podge)

Times: Midnight - 4:30am (ET); 5pm - 8pm (ET)
"On weekdays following "Closing Bell," CNBC will feature long-form coverage of Olympic boxing from 5-8 p.m. ET. From midnight-4:30 a.m. on most nights, CNBC will have expanded, long-form coverage of a wide variety of Olympic sports such as softball, tennis, weightlifting, wrestling and badminton."
(Read: softball and tennis fans will have crazy TiVO schedules)

Oxygen Network
Least amount of programming; only 20 hours total beginning Aug. 11.
Times: 6pm - 8pm (ET/PT)
"Oxygen will feature a daily look at gymnastics, recapping some of the most exciting moments in the popular competition. Equestrian and tennis also will be featured on Oxygen's coverage."
(Read: we equestrian fans get screwed, again)

"Telemundo will feature live men's and women's soccer, basketball, gymnastics, diving, volleyball, as well as track and field, swimming and baseball. Telemundo begins its competition coverage the day before the Opening Ceremony, Thursday, Aug. 7, with two men's soccer matches." Exclusively in Spanish, natch.

For individual sports and schedules based upon your timezone: Several sports are being broadcast in entirety online; see link for schedule.

The New York Times has an interactive tracker similar to the one at the NBC Olympics coverage link. It's larger and scrolls a little better.



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